Self. Love. Food. (E-Book)

By Sara Triglia

Have you been struggling to find a healthy relationship with food? Do you want to eat vegan (or simply healthier) but you keep going back to ‘your old ways’? Are you tired of being in this cycle? You are not alone! In this book I aim to help you understand why you may have trouble giving up certain foods, and give tips on how to move forward in improving your relationship with yourself, with love, and with food.

Along the way I offer over 20 plant-based (vegan) recipes that are wholesome and delicious! Designed to keep your love for comfort food satisfied while you begin to eat more fruits and veggies (& less highly processed foods)! 🍌🍉🍎 All of the recipes are (or are adaptable to be) gluten-free, refined oil free, refined sugar free, soy-free, vegan and delicious!

& if you already love yourself, and have a healthy relationship with food then this eBook can simply offer you some yummy vegan recipes.

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“When we eat unhealthy foods, we know that we shouldn’t. We aren’t oblivious. We are aware that we are making a “bad” decision. The thing is even though we know it, we can’t stop ourselves, and we don’t understand why. This can cause us to become full of guilt and shame. This self-shaming then adds on to the negative self image that we hold of ourselves. Simply put, we don’t like ourselves; and when we don’t like ourselves, we struggle in life. Things such as getting dressed in the morning, looking in the mirror, or even talking to other people can make us feel insecure and ashamed. Emotional pain comes with eating unhealthy foods, and it often goes unnoticed. Nobody talks about this pain, and yet just about everyone experiences it at some point. We tend to think we are alone, blame ourselves, and feel inadequate. What if I told you that there are millions of people riding the same Shame-Train as you? What if I told you that you aren’t the only one struggling with this? What if I told you that you are not entirely to blame for your unhealthy eating habits? Well, that is what I’m telling you. You’re not alone, you’re not to blame, and this is why… “ ✨✨ ~an excerpt from the e-book “Self. Love. Food.”

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